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Homeowners in Arizona & Texas who are either waiting to list their home, or simply wanting to do a little updating, can make a big difference in their home with upgrades that don’t have to cost a fortune. Simple DIY projects can enhance a home and make spaces more appealing for buyers when homeowners are ready to move forward with their home sale.

Here are several budget-friendly home improvement ideas that encompass everything from a splash of paint to tending to the front yard.


Changing out the lights can have an impact on the home. Modern and classic fixtures can upgrade the entire look.


Painting is one of the simplest DIY projects that can give spaces a drastic update. Trendy blues and grays can help spice up rooms.


Adding flowers, piling on fresh mulch, and trimming shrubs can make a big difference. Demand for front porches has grown in demand during the pandemic, so making the most of your outdoor spaces will certainly add value if you’re thinking about selling.


Arizona & Texas homeowners could consider a smart-home upgrade, like a smart thermostat. This update helps homeowners save money on their heating and cooling costs. Programmable thermostats are available for less than $30.

Doorknobs and Cabinet Hardware

Swap out interior and exterior doorknobs to match other finishes in the home. This can also add greater security with new, higher quality locks (or smart locks). And don’t underestimate the impact of new kitchen cabinet drawers or pulls—they can add an instant update.


Homeowners in Arizona & Texas can give the bathroom wall-size mirror an instant update by adding a frame to the mirror to dress up the space. They can simplify this DIY task by working with companies like MirrorMate, which offers frames for this reason.

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